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The Best Southwest RV Parks & Campgrounds To Explore

Cruise America Partners with Santa and Team for 2022 Deliveries

Get ready to see what it's like when an RV is Santa's way of delivering gifts. The smiles will be endless and the stories will be priceless.

Healthy + Yummy Camping Recipes to Try in 2022

Are you hoping to eat better this year? Check out these awesome recipes, each parked at the corner of delicious and healthy. 

2022 RV Podcast Playlist to Inspire Your Next Trip

Looking for something inspiring to listen to on your next road trip? These RV podcasts are perfect additions to your adventure on a Cruise America RV.

How Much Will It Cost to Fill Up an RV?

When planning your next trip, you might ask yourself, “How much does it cost to fill up an RV?” Learn more about RV gas costs and how to calculate them.

From Tide to Table: Top 7 Campfire Fish Recipes to Try

Check out these seafood camping recipes you need to try on your next camping trip. Cruise America shares seven delicious camping fish recipes.

Unlock Chef-Level RV Cooking With These Portable Stoves

Looking to cook some delicious meals while camping? Cruise America shares the seven best camping stoves that are worth the investment.

Decided To Buy an RV? Here's What New RV Owners Need To Know

Looking to explore the great outdoors by RV? Read this first-time RV owner checklist from Cruise America to ensure you’re prepared!

Is Harvest Host Worth it? What I Wish I Knew Before Joining

How does Harvest Hosts work and is it worth it? We share the pros and cons of this campsite membership service so you can decide if it’s right for you!

Should I Buy a New or Used RV? Head-to-Head Comparison

Ready to join the amazing RV lifestyle by buying an RV? Learn more about what to know when buying an RV and find out if you should buy a new or used RV.

The Motorhome Experience: How to Enjoy Nature in a Motorhome

Touring in a motorhome presents many benefits and challenges. Cruise America shares some of the beautiful experiences that can be had in an RV.

The 6 Best Outdoor Gifts for an Outdoorsy Mom

Moms who love camping will love these outdoor gifts for moms. Cruise America’s guide shares top camper gifts for mom for any occasion.

Space-Saving Food Storage Hacks for Your Next RV Trip

Make the most of your space with these RV kitchen storage ideas from Cruise America. Read to learn RV kitchen organization ideas today!

How To Shower While Camping: Tips for Getting Clean

Are you wondering how to shower while camping? Cruise America shares the top camping hygiene tips. Read to discover where to shower when camping!

Simple Ways To Make a Mouthwatering Campfire Pizza

Looking for the best ways to make campfire pizza? Cruise America shares the top RV pizza-making tips. Read to discover how to make the perfect camp pizza!

Make Delicious Coffee While Camping: Caffeine-Lover's Guide

Looking for the best way to make coffee while camping? Cruise America shares the top RV coffee-making tips. Read to discover how to make the perfect cup of joe!

Non-Perishable Foods to Take Camping

Need ideas for prepping non-perishable food for camping? Cruise America shares the top no-fridge meals. Read to get camping food ideas, no refrigeration needed!

RV vs. Tent Camping: How to Choose

What are the benefits and drawbacks of RV vs. tent camping? Cruise America shares a head-to-head comparison of these two popular camping options.

Your Guide to Camping in a Travel Trailer

Camping in a travel trailer is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while spending quality time with family and friends. Learn more in our guide to camping in a travel trailer.

Should I Buy a Travel Trailer?

Wondering if you should buy a travel trailer or rent one? Read on to discover which option is the best for you, your budget, and your travel plans.

How to Hitch a Trailer in Easy-to-Follow Steps

An improperly hitched travel trailer can be a danger both to you and others on the road. Continue reading to learn all about how to hitch a travel trailer.

Travel Trailer Benefits & Features You Need to Know About

What is the difference between and RV and a travel trailer? It's time to take a look at travel trailer benefits and facts to see what the fuss is all about!

Do You Need a Special License to Drive an RV?

Ever wondered, “Do you need a special license to drive an RV?” Learn more about RV license requirements when planning your next adventure!

What the Van Life Taught Me: 5 Lifelong Lessons

Hear some van life stories and valuable lessons this traveler learned while living full-time in their van. Sometimes the simpler, minimalist life is better!

Guide to Choosing the Best RV For Seniors: Options & Tips

Learn about the best RV for seniors and how to choose between the different types available. Shop used RVs for seniors from Cruise America today!

4 RV Clubs for Seniors That Provide Perks While You Travel

Learn about the top RV clubs for seniors to take advantage of from Cruise America. Pick up your RV rental from Cruise America and hit the road!

RV Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs? 2 Causes & Helpful Solutions

Does your RV water smell like rotten eggs? Learn about why this happens and how to fix it from the experts at Cruise America. Contact us today!

How To Pick the Best RV for Full-Time Living

What is the best RV for full-time living? Learn how to pick the right vehicle for your new lifestyle from Cruise America. Contact us today!

Full-Time RV Living Handbook: Preparing for Life in an RV

Wondering what full-time RV living looks like and costs? Learn how to prepare for full-time RV living with Cruise America. Contact us today.

Camping on BLM Land: The Smart Camper's Guide

What is BLM camping and what are the BLM camping rules? Learn the answers to these questions and more by reading Cruise America’s guide to BLM RV camping.

50 Common RV Slang Terms To Learn Before You Hit the Road

Learn 50 of the most common RV slang terms to know before starting your next road trip. Cruise America shares RV lingo every RVer should know!

Is it Bad to Leave Water Pump On in RV? Water Pump Guide

Many wonder, “Is it bad to leave a water pump on in an RV?” Get the answer to this question and learn about when to turn off your RV water pump.

How Cruise America is Keeping You in the Driver's Seat

Cruise America has kept you in the driver’s seat for 50 years. Learn how we plan to continue keeping customers our main priority for years to come!

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to RV Electrical Hookups

Learn about RV electrical hookups to prevent any mishaps or frustration at the campground. Read Cruise America’s guide to RV electrical systems!

What is a Grey Water Tank? A Guide to Waste Water Removal

Learn the answer to “What is grey water in an RV?” and how to properly dispose of it. Read this guide from Cruise America to be prepared for your road trip.

Safe Fun with a Campfire: How to Change Fire Color

Add a splash of color to your late-night campfires with fire color changers! Learn how to change your fire color with our guide to top fire-safe products.

Why Mental Ski Preparation is Just as Important as Physical

Ready, set, go! Not quite. Learn why mental ski preparation is an essential step in being ready to hit the slopes safely and confidently.

5 Important Lessons I Learned on How to Be a Snowbird

Learn how to be a snowbird before flocking down South for the winter. Contact Cruise America today to purchase a used RV for snowbirding in comfort.

10 RV Etiquette Tips for Successful Camping Trips

No one wants to be that annoying neighbor at the campsite. Learn 10 RV etiquette tips to follow while camping among others from Cruise America.

Cruise America Turns 50! 50 Reasons We're Thankful for You

We are celebrating that Cruise America has been in business for 50 years with 50 reasons why we are thankful for our supportive customers.

Luxury RV Resorts to Try in 2022

Who said RV camping has to be primitive? Check out these top luxury RV resorts to visit in an RV rental from Cruise America!

4 Affordable RVs That Don't Skimp on Quality

Looking for the best RV for the money? Cruise America offers customers several “pre-loved” affordable RV options to get on the road.

RV Solo Living as a Female: 6 Lessons I've Learned

Learn about solo female RV living from a woman with experience traveling alone. She shares lessons she’s learned along the way and how to stay safe.

What is Boondocking in an RV?

Attention adventurers! Ready to save money and experience the beauty of the great outdoors? Our RV boondocking guide will show you how to do just that.

5 RV Business Ideas for the Entrepreneur Within

Tired of the 9-to-5 grind? Check out these RV business ideas that can be done while traveling across the country in a Cruise America RV.

RV Height Clearance: Tips for (Accident-Free) Travel

Learn about RV height clearance tips to avoid any accidents while traveling. We share the average bridge clearance height and how to plan ahead.

Glamping Essentials: How to Elevate Your Camping Experience

Go on a relaxing RV road trip with these glamping essentials. Learn what to pack for a glamping trip in an RV rental from Cruise America.

Ways I Made Camping Friends (And You Can Too)

Want to make friends who love camping like you? Learn tips for how to make camping friends to share the experience with from Cruise America.

I Made These RV Camping Newbie Mistakes So You Don't Have To

Every RV newbie makes some mistakes from time to time, and that’s okay! Learn some of the common slip-ups we’ve made with our guide to RV newbie mistakes.

These Campground Etiquette Tips Brought Us Smooth Travels

Learn about campground etiquette you should follow to make the best of your outdoor adventure. Rent an RV from Cruise America for an enjoyable trip!

9 Travel Goals to Check Off in 2022

Still haven’t made your New Year’s resolutions just yet? No sweat – we’ve got you covered with these travel goals for 2022. 


Delicious and Easy RV Meals With Minimal Cooking

Craving something delicious and fulfilling on your next road trip? Check out these easy RV meals and add some brand new flavor to your next RV adventure!

How I Planned the Best Road Trip in California with Google Maps

Taking a road trip is an unforgettable experience. Learn how to plan a road trip with Google Maps to make the most of your time out on the open road!

How These 5 Hiking Apps Helped Me Detach From My Phone

Learn about the best apps for hiking from someone who has tried many of them. These hiking apps help you stay on the trail and find the best ones to explore.

11 Mindfulness Tips I Learned While Doing Yoga Outside

There's a certain mindfulness that comes with doing yoga outside. To achieve this serene feeling, check out our 11 helpful tips on how to do yoga outside. 

A Keto Camper's Food Guide: Low-Carb Recipes, Snacks & More

What types of low-carb camping food can a keto camper enjoy while in the outdoors? We list delicious keto camping recipes for your next RV trip. 

Buying a Used RV: 11 Steps a Smart Buyer Should Take

Buying a used RV can turn disastrous if you don’t know what to watch out for. Here are smart tips on how to buy a used RV that’s still within the budget.

Vegan Camper’s Food Guide: Plant Based Meals, Snacks, & More

When it comes to camping, having food prepared is a major step in the planning process. Check out our guide to the best vegan camping food for your trip. 

RV Camping Even in the Winter

Enjoy the outdoors like never before with a winter RV camping trip! Prepare your Cruise America RV rental with these dos and don’ts of cold weather camping.

Letting My Thoughts Trail Off While Biking in Virginia

I used to love my commutes to and from work, but biking changed my mind — and my life. Here are some of the top biking trails in Virginia.

How Traveling Changes You: My First and Last Time in Canada

There are trips so perfect we never want to return to the destination again. Sounds crazy? Here’s the story of my first and last time in Canada. 

Walking Trails in Omaha: Me, My Thoughts, and the Open Sky

Learn about one woman’s experience exploring the many miles of walking trails in Omaha, NE. Get outside and clear your mind by taking a long walk.

Less Waste, More Love. My Guide to Zero Waste Camping

You can have a phenomenal time camping and be eco-friendly while doing it — just ask us! Read more about how to manage zero waste camping today. 

Hiking Towards Happy: Four Ways it Improved My Mental Health

Hiking has always been my go-to activity whenever I feel down. Here are the four ways it has helped give my mental health a boost.

Best RV Fishing Trip Guide

If you’re looking for a unique way to spend your family vacation, try an RV fishing trip! Check out our guide on the best RV fishing trips in the U.S.

How Does Renting an RV for a Long Road Trip Work?

Just you, your RV, and the wide-open road. Sound enticing? Then check out our guide to renting an RV for a long road trip and start planning your trip now! 

The Delicious Guide to (Stress-Free) RV Meal Planning

Wondering how to create an RV menu? Read Cruise America’s guide to RV meal planning for suggestions, tips, inspiration, and more!

Partners in Climb: How I Found My Rock Climbing Partner

Rock climbing is a great way to get outdoors and witness the beauty of the world. But don’t go it alone! Find a rock climbing partner just like I did. 

My Personal Favorite Things to Do When Camping in Alaska

Catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights or spend the day out on the water catching dinner with a camping trip to Alaska! Read more about the state here.

Camping with My Family: The Things I Learned, The Things I Forgot

Read to hear about one camper’s experience of camping with her family. Learn exactly what to pack for an epic family camping trip!

10 Priceless Tips for Camping on a Budget

One of greatest things about camping is that it can be enjoyed on a budget. This writer shares priceless tips for an unforgettable camping experience.

Catchy Campfire Songs for Kids of All Ages

Tune up the guitar! There’s no better way to pass the time & make memories than a singalong. Sing these campfire songs for kids on your next RV adventure.

How Running in Nature Made Me More Focused and Resilient

Head out into nature and experience the endless benefits of running in The Great Outdoors! You may just become more focused and resilient too. 

Where to Get an RV Propane Refill

Propane is essential for keeping your ride running smoothly. Read on to learn more about where to find RV propane refills so you’re ready for your trip!

The Benefits of Hiking on Countless, Aimless Adventures for My Mind and Body

What are the benefits of hiking for the mind and body? Read this blog to learn about one hiker’s perspective on traversing the wilderness.

What to Wear While Hiking in Four Seasons

Hiking is a fulfilling activity, and it’s all the more so if you are wearing the right clothes. Here are tips on what to wear while hiking in any season. 

10 Things I Wish I Knew the First Time I Went Camping in the Wilderness

Heading out into the wilderness can feel both overwhelming and exhilarating! Here’s a helpful list of 10 things to know before camping in the wilderness. 

RV Renter's Guide to RV Leveling

Why and when would you need an RV leveler? This guide discusses the types of RV leveling systems, how to use them with your Cruise America rental RV. 

Tips For Campfire Safety

For 75 years Smokey Bear has been teaching us the importance of fire safety. Now, its time for us to do our part with these tips to remember on your next RV camping trip. 

Guide to Mushroom Foraging While Camping

Take a break from the traditional vacation and spend your days mushroom foraging! Grab a Cruise America RV rental as a home base for this next adventure. 

What Is Dark Sky Park Camping?

Fancy an awesome nighttime adventure under the stars? Here are some of the best places for dark sky park camping in your Cruise America RV. 

Must-Read RV Books for Road Trip Inspiration

There’s nothing like a good travel book to inspire you to hit the road. Here’s a list of must-read RV books for your next Cruise America adventure. 

Stargazing for Beginners: How to Camp Under the Stars

Navigate your way through the night sky with a stargazing RV trip. Not sure where to start? Cruise America has your guide to stargazing for beginners.

RV Camping: In-season vs. Off-season

Unsure when to take your next RV getaway? Check out our guide to learn more about the benefits of both in-season and offseason RV camping. 

Keep You and Your RV Cool During Summer Trips

Ready for your next summer escapade on your Cruise America RV rental? Check out these tips on how to keep your RV cool in the summer!

Extra Fun RV Trips With Kids to Thrill the Whole Family

Looking for a fun adventure for the whole family? Check out our guide to the best RV trips with kids on a Cruise America rental RV!

15 Camping Jokes for Kids to Have S’More Fun

Camping is full of fun-filled adventures, like swapping spooky stories and jokes around the fire. Check out Cruise America’s best camping jokes for kids.

Living in an RV in Retirement - Cruise America

Retiring soon? One of the most adventurous ways to spend retirement is to live in an RV. Contact Cruise America today to learn more about the RV lifestyle!

What is Dispersed Camping in an RV?

RV dispersed camping is a fun and free way to explore nature. We’ve created a guide to all things dispersed camping to help you plan your next adventure. 

How To Start A Fire With Sticks at an RV Campsite

Gathering around the campfire can be the most memorable part of your RV camping experience. Add to the fun by starting your fire with sticks by hand. 

Affordable Alternatives to Hotels for Families and Groups

Looking for a place to stay during your trip? Check out these cheap alternatives to hotels so you can save money when planning your vacation getaway! 

Essential Checklist When RV Camping With Kids

Camping with your kids is a great way to make lasting family memories. Read Cruise America’s camping with kids checklist to prepare for your next trip.

5 Tips to Picking the Best RV Campsite for Your Vacation

The options are truly endless when it comes to planning an RV vacation. Here are a few tips for choosing the right campground for you. 

14 Camping Cocktails Made Easy

Mix up your favorite Happy Hour libations with these camping-approved recipes.

5 Reasons Why is an RV Trip Better than a Hotel Trip

When we decided to do a West Coast RV trip to various National Parks, we hadn't done much RV travel before besides my childhood days.

Best 5 Boondocking Apps for the Free Spirited

Are you planning an upcoming boondocking RV adventure? Check out these great boondocking apps to help you plan a relaxing getaway! 

5 Money-Saving Tips for RVing on a Budget

Looking for ideas on how to save money for your next RV trip? Check out these tips on RVing on a budget and plan your next adventure in style! 

Forums for the Boondocking RV Community to Gather

If you are looking for helpful tips on boondocking or simply want to meet other fun boondocking enthusiasts, check out our list of boondocking forums.

RV Pet Safety: Everything You Need to Know

Want to take a trip with your furry best friend? Take a look at these RV pet safety tips to learn about RVing with pets and how to do it safely.

Camping Activities for Adults and Every Age Group

Attention campers! Keep your itinerary exciting with these fun-filled camping activities. From games to parties to hikes and more, this list has it all. 

5 Tips for a Successful Family RV Adventure with These Wild Days

Follow along as These Wild Days share with us their 5 Tips for a Successful Family RV Adventure!

5 Beginner Tips for Winter RV Camping

There is plenty of fun to be had when RV camping in the winter! Use these helpful winter RV camping tips and enjoy a magical winter RV camping experience.

10 First-Timer RV Boondocker Tips Before Venturing Out

Get ready for some of the grid fun on your first boondocking trip. These useful RV boondocking tips will have you prepared for the journey ahead. 

Most Adventurous RV Boondocking Blogs to Inspire You

Are you looking for a new kind of RV adventure to enjoy? Check out these RV boondocking blogs to plan an inspired boondocking RV experience!

Spooky Campfire Stories for Kids of All Ages

Whether your children are still in diapers or they’re heading off to college, gather around the campfire and tell these scary campfire stories for kids.

How Much to Rent an RV for a Full Month

Are you planning a month-long RV adventure? Plan your amazing RV trip with ease by first learning how to determine the cost to rent an RV for a month. 

How Does First Come First Serve Camping Work for RVs?

Finding the right place to stay is a crucial part of your RV trip! Learn about first-come, first-serve camping, places that offer sites, and more!

5 Favorite Cross Country RV Trip Ideas to Try Next

Are you craving an awesome cross country RV trip getaway? Check out these cross country RV trips to find your next great adventure on the road!

Unlimited Mileage vs. Mileage Fees for RV Rentals

Beep, Beep! Great RV rental prices coming through. Compare unlimited mileage RV rental model with mileage fees to see how to save big on your RV rental.

3 Tips to Have a Relaxing Road Trip with Baby

Going on a road trip with your baby doesn’t need to be hard! Learn how to plan a relaxing road trip with your baby, what your packing list should be and more!

How to Plan an RV Trip Cross Country

Whether you're a seasoned road tripper or are crossing the country for the first time, we're sharing tips that will make your trip fun, safe and memorable.

How to Save Money on a Road Trip: 5 Simple Hacks

Plane tickets? Nope. Baggage fees? Not here. RVing is a unique experience with equally unique expenses. Learn how to save money on a road trip.

3 Things to Know When Buying an RV for the First Time

Yearning to explore the open road in the luxury of an RV? Learn more about buying an RV for the first time and discover what the RV lifestyle has in store!

50 Ideas of What to Do on a Road Trip

Are you planning a road trip in an RV and need some ideas to make your journey more fun. Here are 50 ideas about what you can do on a road trip. 

The Perks of Cold Weather RV Camping

Tired of overcrowded national parks and campgrounds? Try RV camping in the offseason for a truly unforgettable vacation. 

How to Stay Comfy While Cold Weather Camping

Turn camping into a year-round activity with these helpful tips to staying comfortable while cold weather camping. 

Non-Traditional Family Vacation Ideas

Avoid the traditional tourism hotspots and consider these perfect vacation ideas for your next RV getaway.

How Much Does an RV Cost: New vs Used

When looking to buy an RV, you might ask: how much does an RV cost? Learn what can impact an RV’s cost to buy, what used RV prices look like and more.

3 Tips to Master Eco-Friendly Camping

Want to reduce your carbon footprint the next time you camp in your RV? Learn more about eco-friendly camping and make your next adventure sustainable!

RV Parking Regulations To Know Before Hitting The Road

Discover RV parking regulations and find out where you can park your RV in this helpful guide.

What You Can and Can't Do While Driving an RV

Whether you’re an RV newbie or an experienced RVer, knowing RV rules while driving makes for a safe and stress-free trip. Here’s what you need to know.

A No-Worries Guide To Driving A RV

Are you nervous to drive a RV rental? Read this no-worries guide to put your mind at ease and get your crew on the road.

7 Best Apps & Resources for RV-Friendly Driving Routes

You stopped at the camping supply store but what about the app store? These helpful apps ensure you can find RV driving routes across the country.

What Cars Can be Flat Towed Behind an RV?

Planning to bring your car along on an RV camping trip? Learn what cars can be flat towed behind an RV, how to set up a tow bar, and more before your trip!

10 Tips to Take Better Star Photos with John Weatherby

Photographing the stars can be an amazing activity while cruising in your RV. With proper planning and preparation, you can achieve some incredible results with a basic dslr camera and a tripod.

Easy Camping Breakfast Recipe- Huevos Rancheros

One of the best parts of RV Camping is cooking a meal while out in nature.  Enjoy one of our favorite easy camping breakfast recipes that is super easy while still being delicious!  

A Family Roadtrip: RVing with our Baby with The Outdoor Fam

Want to know what it is like renting an RV with a baby? Join The Outdoor Fam as they take us on their journey through Utah while renting a Cruise America RV.

How Much Does the Average RV Park Cost Per Night?

Looking for a breakdown of average RV park fees? From low cost parks to luxury RV resorts and everything in between, explore this guide to RV park prices.

Cruise Stories: On the Road with HuntHikeHook

Have some downtime?  Now more than ever we all yearn for more time outside adventuring, exploring, or maybe just a place to enjoy your favorite drink and a view.  

5 Tips for an Affordable RV “Social Distancing” Vacation

In an effort to “social distance” this summer, my family and I decided to cancel our vacation plans to destinations that required flights. While I was searching for nearby, fun alternatives, a friend recommended we rent an RV.

Traveling in an RV if you’re a Newbie

Come along with Emanuela Campanella and her husband as she tells us what it's like to be an RV newbie!

Cruise Stories: Q & A with Gaby and Mario

Ever been to Big Ben National Park? Let's head out with Gaby and Mario as they Cruise through Big Bend National Park with this week's #CruiseStory.

5 Major Advantages of an RV for Your Next Photography Trip by Jordan Banks

There is nothing quite like a good RV photo trip and that’s why wherever possible I choose to travel by RV.

5 Fun RV Driving Games for Roadtrips

For some great family fun while driving, check out the fun games to play while on the road with Cruise America!

How Do You Know if Your RV Converter is Bad?

Are you frustrated by your RVs power system? Follow along and learn if your RV converter is the culprit and what to do to fix it!

RV Seat Belt Laws in Every US State & Canada

Heading out for an adventure? Make sure you know the RV seat belt laws for each state you visit! Learn more with Cruise America’s comprehensive guide.

Comparing RV vs. Towed Camper Rentals for a Vacation

Buckle your seatbelts—it’s time for the RV vs. camper debate. Learn about cost, comfort, fuel and more for your next vacation.

Guide to RV Size Limits for Popular National Parks

Get out there and explore! But before you leave,  know the national park RV length restrictions of the place you’re visiting.

How to Anchor an RV in High Winds

Believe it or not, high winds can flip RVs! However, it’s extremely unlikely. If you want to learn how to protect your RV, read more RV anchoring.

7 Most Common RV Electrical Problems

A crucial part of your RV trip prep is learning about your RV rental! Learn about these common RV electrical problems and how you can fix them on the road.

How to Get WiFi in an RV Rental

Need to stay connected on your RV road trip? Follow along and learn all about what to consider before making a purchase and all your RV WiFi options.

Cruise Story: Q & A with Naomi & Luke

For this week's #CruiseStory we are heading out with Naomi & Luke as they head out on a one way road trip from San Francisco to Salt Lake City, UT.

Choosing Between RV vs. Hotel: Pros & Cons

Planning the perfect vacation but don’t know where to stay? Learn more about the pros and cons of staying in an RV vs hotel and spend your holiday in style!

Cruise Stories: Q & A with The Osborn Family

Our next Cruise Story is coming to you all the way from Erie, Colorado, where the Osborn Family decided to go on a "Spring" Break all around Colorado! Pretty clever if you ask us!

How to Create a Vacation Scrapbook on your Next RV Trip with FlyingWithFour

With all the busyness in my life, I am always looking for ways to save the memories in a more tangible way other than a digital photo forever trapped on my cell phone. There is nothing quite like picking up a photo album or scrapbook in your hands and flipping through the pages.

Cruise Stories: Q & A with Dominic and Lauriane

Join us as we peak into Dominic and Lauriane's #CruiseStory from their adventure to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. 

RV Mattress Sizes: How Much Room Will I Have?

The best part of an RV trip is getting some amazing sleep! Learn more about RV mattress sizes so you can plan and pack for the perfect trip.

Spring Cleaning for RV Owners

It's that magical time of year again  – when all RVs need a good spring cleaning. Consider this checklist before you tackle your camper. 

Social Distancing and Travel: What Are Your Options?

Are you worried about traveling while practicing safe social distancing?

How Does an RV Toilet Work Exactly?

Planning your first RV trip and wondering “how does an RV toilet work”? Learn more about using your RV’s toilet to enjoy a comfortable RV camping trip.

5 Tips for Staying Healthy on the Road

An important part of any trip is staying healthy! Check out our tips on staying healthy on the road and have an amazing adventure with your family.

Breathe New Life Into Your Outdoor Adventures

Prep, plan and party your way into new outdoor adventures this year. 

6 RV Camping Hacks to Simplify Your Life

From storage ideas to RV lifestyle tips and tricks, these RV camping hacks are sure to make your next trip a great one!

Where to Dump RV Waste: Beginner's Guide

You can’t dump your RV waste just anywhere. To help you plan your trip, we’ve put together some important tips on RV waste stations and where to dump it!

Why Getting Outdoors is Such a Benefit

Explore the incredible reasons why you might enjoy getting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and enjoy the secluded, peaceful outdoors!

RV Must-Haves for the Summer

Summer is a prime RV camping season, but before you pack the RV and hit the road, check out these RV must-haves for the summer!

Avoid Crowds and Spend Some Time in Nature by RV

Whether you’re looking for the getaway or impromptu break, we’re here to help you relax in style! Learn how to avoid the crowds while RV camping.

Is It Bad to Leave your RV Plugged in All the Time?

Are you leaving your RV plugged in all the time? Find out why that might not be the best idea in this article.

Where to Find Free Overnight RV Parking

Get some shut eye! Learn where to find overnight RV parking and other tips to know before stopping for the night.

How to Embrace Your Inner Eco-traveler

We love nature and we all want to preserve it for future generations. But, somtimes, we do things that hurt the environment without even realizing. Embrace these tips to preserve our natural spaces for generations to come. 

How to Not Be “That Guy” in Nature

From RV camping and casual picnics to backpacking and national park hopping, we all have opportunities to be good stewards of our wild places.

Tips for the First-time Wildlife Tourist

When most people think of wildlife tourism, African safaris tend to come to mind. However, the U.S. abounds multiple wildlife attractions to enjoy in an RV rental. Here are a few things to keep in mind along your journey.

The Ultimate Spring Break Travel Playlist

These RV road trip songs are sure to put a smile on your face and a tap in your toe.

RV Storage Hacks for the Pro Traveler

Being on the road doesn’t mean you have to live in clutter. Use these RV storage hacks to better organize your RV travel.

What to Do With Your Travel Photos ... Besides Bore Your Friends with a Slideshow

When you’re on an RV adventure, you can’t help but capture your favorite moments. Instead of letting your photos go to waste, get creative with these five crafty ideas.

How to Get the Best Sleep While RV Camping

Traveling is the best thing ever … unless you have a hard time falling asleep somewhere new. On your next RV adventure, try out these tried-and-true sleeping tips for camping.

Tips for Traveling With Your Pet

There’s only one thing happier that a dog with its head hanging out the car window and that’s having them along for the ride on your next RV vacation. 

A Peek Inside a Cruise America RV Rental

Thinking about going on your first RV trip? Here’s a quick snapshot of our RV interiors, to give you a feel for the space.

Best Indoor Games for Winter Camping Trips

Taking a road trip this winter? Make the most of your time indoors with our list of favorite games everyone will love.

How to Winterize Your RV

Is winter giving you cabin fever? Winterize your RV and hit the road for an epic adventure. 

Campground Cooking Made Easy With Pre-made Meals

Make campground cooking a breeze by doing your meal prep in advance. Check out these fun recipes to get started!

Must-have Cold Weather Camping Gear

When it comes to camping in the cooler months, having the right winter camping gear with you can make all the difference. 

Must-Haves For Camping With Your Dog

Take Fido on your next RV adventure with these handy tips from Cruise America.

4 Unforgettable Ways to Celebrate Halloween Outdoors

Goblins, ghouls and ghosts, oh my! Get in the Halloween spirit with these spooky activities that are perfect for an outdoor adventure. 

6 Awesome Camping Hacks

Whether you're a backpacker, tent dweller or fellow RV enthusiast, these camping hacks are a lifesaver!

8 Must-try Fall Camping Recipes

The fall camping recipes that you've been waiting for all year! 

Why RV Ownership May Be Right for You

There's only one thing better than renting an RV ... and that's buying an RV! Here are a few things to help you decide if the time is right for RV ownership. 

How to Find Free RV Campgrounds

Trying to camp on a budget? Look no further! We've rounded up a few resources to help you plan an inexpensive RV adventure.

How To Plan A Successful RV Road Trip

Whether you’re a first time RVer or you’ve been around the block a time or two, these tips for planning an RV road trip will put you on the road to success. 

5 Reasons to Take Your Family Camping

Need a good reason to go camping as a family? We'll give you five!

Can You Drink in a Moving RV? 4 Important RV Alcohol Facts

Before you raise a glass to your RV trip, learn about the RV drinking laws that you’re required to follow. Enjoy this informative article responsibly!

Tailgate Like a Pro This Fall

Football and tailgates go together like peanut butter and jelly. Step up your game with these fan-tastic tips for game day. 

Pro Resources for Road Trip Dining

Whether unique roadside diners or quaint local cafes are calling your name, we’ve rounded up a list of resources to help you scope out the best local eats on your road trip route. 

3 Easy Ways To Hitch Your Bike on an RV

Biking is a great activity for any camping trip. If you're unsure how to bring your bike along for the ride, here are a few RV bike racks that make things easy. 

How to Take a Relaxing RV Trip

An RV trip is the perfect opportunity to escape reality and and get some much needed relaxation. Check out these easy ways to have a restful vacation. 

Camping – The World’s Best Guilt(free) Pleasure

RV camping is more than just a vacation; it’s a way of life. Check out the top reasons why it’s our favorite way to decompress. 

Must-try Gourmet Hot Dog Recipes 

Spice up the menu for your next RV adventure with these unique (and delicious) hot dog recipes!

RVing = Camping With Convenience

Camping doesn’t have to be a chore. Here’s why RV camping is the best way to get outside without ever feeling like you left home. 

How to RV Camp Like a Seasoned Pro

If you’re a first time camper, read in to make sure you can answer these common RV camping questions. 

How To Plan an RV Camping Trip to National Parks

Preparing for your next RV trip doesn’t have to be stressful with these tips for camping in a national park.

10 Music Festival Must-Haves

Not sure what to pack this festival season? Check out our top festival necessities to get you through another memorable summer.

What You Need To Know Before a Long-Term RV Rental

If you’re thinking about taking a long-term RV road trip, here are a few key things to know before hitting the road. 

RV Road Trip Planning 101

You know that RV road trip you’ve been thinking about for a while? With this easy planning guide, we’ll have you on the road in no time.

Tips & Tricks for Camping with Toddlers

If you’re nervous about taking your toddler camping for the first time, this blog is for you. These tips will help you keep your sanity while having a ton of fun in the process.

5 Things To Consider Before Buying an RV

Are you thinking about buying an RV? Here are five things to consider before purchasing your own.

Take a Drive To a Celestial Experience

Take your RV rental out of town for spectacular stargazing.

12 Mouthwatering 4th of July Recipes

Hosting this year’s 4th of July celebration? Try these classic summer barbeque recipes featuring a unique spin the whole family will love.

9 Father’s Day Gifts for Dads Who Love to Camp

Not sure what to get dad this Father’s Day? Check out our gift guide for the guy who loves to be outdoors.

Top 6 Non-Tech Boredom Busters For Long Road Trips

“Are we there yet?” We’ve all heard it, but we don’t have to! Remind your crew that getting there is half the fun with these boredom busters that are perfect for your next RV road trip. 

Tips for Getting into RV Travel

RVing is becoming more popular by the day. Not sure if it's for you? Learn more about the benefits of RV camping. 

The Perks of One-way RV Rentals

Thinking of getting a one-way RV rental? Here are some of the perks.

RV Safety Tips for First-time RVers

Safety first! Before you hit the road in your RV rental, check out these safety tips. 

Ultimate RV Camping Pack List for the First-Time Camper

Camping for the first time and not sure what to pack? Take a look at our Ultimate RV Camplng Pack List.

Easy (and Delicious) Grilling Recipes for Camping

There’s nothing like eating delicious food hot off the grill when you’re camping. Treat yourself to some delicious, new options with these easy grilling recipes for camping. 

The Perils of RV Sharing

Considering trying RV sharing for the first time? Here are a few things you should know before you make your choice. 

How To Cook Delicious Veggies When Camping

Veggies are what's for dinner! Add healthy options to your camping menu with these cooking tips and vegetable recipes for camping.

How to Take Insta-worthy Sunset Photos

Sunrises and sunsets can be so pretty, they make us want to jump for joy … until we try to take a decent photo of them. Next time you're tackling Golden Hour with your camera, consider these landscape photography tips.

RV Rental Tips for Beginners

There are a lot of things to know about camping in an RV, but the good news is that these things are easy and fun to learn. You just need to do it, and join the rest of America as they realize just how relaxing and convenient RV travel really is.

Spring Into Action with Cruise America

Traveling in the springtime can be an extraordinarily pleasant experience. It’s not too cold, it’s not too hot, and, according to Goldilocks, it’s JUST RIGHT! Here are a few places that have become popular spring hangouts.

Come On, Baby, Light My Fire

No campsite is ever complete without a campfire. It’s a great place to sit and enjoy each other’s company and making some tasty grub. But what if the fire isn’t easy to start? What if you can’t find dry kindling? Cruise America has prepared a few handy campfire hacks so that you’re never without a roaring fire again.

Class C RV & Motorhome Sales

Class CRV & Motorhome Sales - Learn whether to rent or buy - Cruise America's the way to go.

How Much to Rent an RV?

The first question that will pop into anyone's mind when considering renting a recreational vehicle is how much to rent an RV?

1 800 RV For Rent

The first question that will pop into anyone's mind when considering renting a recreational vehicle is how much to rent an RV?

Camper Rentals

Camper Rentals can incorporate a whole lot of meanings. The term "camper" is really just a term used for any type of rolling structure that you can camp in, including motorhomes.

Amusement Parks in the United States

Florida and Texas have some of the best amusement parks in the United States. Visit Cruise America today for information on fun vacations to amusement parks in the United States.

Summer Vacation Spots

Cruise America RV rental has great summer vacation packages. Check out the fun summer vacation spots and ideas at Cruise America.

RV Road Trips - US to Canada

RV Road Trips - Travel the US and Canada with an RV road trip through Cruise America RV rentals. For an exciting cross-country adventure, plan an RV road trip.

Senior Graduation Road Trips

Celebrate high school or college commencement with an RV graduation trip. Cruise America RV rentals make it easy to enjoy a cheap senior graduation trip.

Family and Class Reunion Ideas

Looking for fun family reunion locations? Cruise America RV has great tips for family reunion locations and class reunion ideas.

Cheap Travel for Spring Break Trips

If you're looking for cheap travel for spring break, rent an RV from Cruise America. Touring by RV promises family fun as well as cheap travel for spring break vacations.

Pet-Friendly RV Vacations

Cruise America RV rental is your source for pet-friendly lodging. According to our pet-friendly lodging policy, every family member can come along!

Inexpensive Family Trips

Cruise America RV rental offers an ideal way to take inexpensive family trips. See our guide to inexpensive family trips for more ways to save.

Canadian Hunting Trips

American and Canadian hunting trips are great for fun summer and fall vacations. With Cruise America RV rental, you can take discount hunting trips anywhere you choose.

Fall Foliage Driving Tours

Plan a fall foliage driving tour with Cruise America RV and get a great deal on your trip. From New England to the Great Lakes and beyond, your fall foliage driving tour is complete with Cruise America.

NASCAR Travel Packages

Visit Cruise America for NASCAR travel packages without the high cost. Save money and get up close at the track with our NASCAR travel packages.

Little League World Series

Recreational vehicle rental makes travel to youth sports events convenient and economical. See for yourself -visit one of Cruise America's nationwide recreational vehicle rental locations.

Emergency Shelter Plans

When the unexpected strikes, use Cruise America RV for your emergency shelter or portable work shelter. Safe, comfortable and convenient, RVs make great emergency shelter plans.

One-Way RV Moving Rentals

RV moving makes your cross-country and one-way rental moves easy and comfortable. Choose Cruise America for all your RV moving needs, and save time and money!

Cross-Country Moving Made Easy

Make cross-country moving and other long-distance moves less stressful. Rent an RV from Cruise America for a relaxing cross-country moving experience

One-Way RV Road-Trips

For cross-country moves or fly-and-drive vacations, one-way RV rental can be your ticket to fun. Visit Cruise America today for one-way RV rental information.

Modes of Transportation

There are several modes of transportation available to travelers. Depending on where you're going and how long you will be gone, you can decide if RV rental rates are worth the money.

RV Trip Across America

Recreational Vehicles, or RVs as they are known today, have been around for almost 100 years. Before deciding to RV across America, it’s a good idea to consider just how far the RV has come since its inception.

Ten Reasons to RV

There are only so many ways to travel. It’s pretty simple; you can drive the whole way in your family car — Oh, yeah, that’s always a blast with the kids squirming and the luggage getting rained, snowed and hailed upon as it rides restlessly on top of the car.

RV Camping 101

RV Camping can seem a bit overwhemling at first, but don't worry we have you covered!

Tips for Cooking in Cold Weather

Winter cooking tips from Cruise America:

Six Advantages of RV Travel

Here are a few of the top advantages to traveling in a Cruise America rental RV

6 Tips for What NOT to do as a First Time RV Renter

We are here to help with on your first time renting an RV.  Here are 6 Tips for what NOT to do for your first RV trip.

Spend Money on Experiences Over Things

When you are on a vacation, you can’t help but create memories, whether on your way to your destination, or once you have arrived. 

Avoid the TSA Hassle by RVing

Enjoy the stress-free relaxation that comes with being in command of your schedule, doing what you want, when you want and enjoying the gorgeous views out the window as you travel in supreme comfort.

5 Tips for Travel

Take a look at some of the things to remember as you plan for your next RV journey:

Small RV Rentals - Class C

Small RV rentals from Cruise America can be a trip saver because they are easy to maneuver and have everything your party needs.

The Ten Commandments of RV Travel

RV Travel tips from Cruise America

Hints for the Novice RVer

Hints for the RVer who needs a little guidance

Great RV Road Trip Ideas

RV road trip ideas from Cruise America

RVs Are Not Just For Traveling

RVs can be used in many ways, aside from just traveling:

3 Borderline Genius Camping Desserts

Both easy-to-pack and delicious to eat, these dessert ideas are perfect to make during your next camping trip.

Have a Holly, Jolly Campout!

Holidays are meant to be joyful. Spruce up this holiday season with an RV rental and pick the destination that excites you the most!

The Best of Cruise Christmas Music

Buckle up, we're about to show you how to have some fun with Christmas music!