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Ready to explore the breathtaking Yosemite National Park? Create lifelong memories and go on a Yosemite RV camping trip in a Cruise America RV rental. 
Yosemite National Park RV camping

Yosemite. The name alone stirs the imagination, conjuring images of crashing waterfalls, towering sequoias, and incredible trails. Celebrate the beauty of nature and make your next adventure unforgettable with a Yosemite RV camping experience.

One of the world's finest wilderness parks, Yosemite is truly an emblem of the stunning scenery that defines the Golden State. This is what makes Yosemite camping one of the most sought-after experiences by California locals and tourists alike. Whether it's your first or fiftieth time breathing in the park's majesty, there are many ways you can make each visit unique.

Yosemite is home to several campgrounds, many of them ideal for Cruise America RV rentals. From the conveniences of the Lower Pines to the rugged sites of Porcupine Flat, the RV rental Yosemite experience offers many options. 

Read on for a list of Yosemite RV camping locations, fun facts about the park, the best times to visit, and activities to enjoy while there. 

Yosemite Park Facts

Enrich your experience on your next trip with these Yosemite Park facts. 

  • While Yosemite Park is the third-largest in the country, its dedication as a national park sparked the idea of having national parks. President Abraham Lincoln signed the grant in 1864, marking the first time the federal government issued protection for land. Yosemite officially became a national park in 1890.
  • Author John Muir wrote a novel titled “The Yosemite” in 1912, which inspired many to recognize its natural beauty and ecological importance. 
  • The park is home to over 400 species, including the rare Sierra Nevada red fox.
  • With its towering granite monoliths, Yosemite is a favorite among climbers. Experienced climbers who are up for a challenge should check out the Dawn Wall, El Capitan, and Cathedral Peak.

Best Yosemite RV Parks and Campgrounds

Yosemite Park is a breathtaking sight that satisfies both serenity and adventure seekers of all ages. No two Yosemite trips are alike; the multitude of activities will make each visit unique. Veteran and first-time RV campers are welcome to explore its natural beauty at any RV campground near Yosemite Park. We've grouped some of the most popular RV camping areas based on whether advanced bookings are needed or not.

Yosemite Camping: Reservations Required

If you're planning your Yosemite RV camping adventure early, book your reservation at any of these RV parks near Yosemite National Park. Do note, however, that many prime campgrounds near Yosemite will likely be booked solid months in advance. So, if you're too late to reserve, skip to the next section for a list of Yosemite camping spots with no pre-bookings or reservations required.  

Upper, Lower, and North Pines 

These three Yosemite National Park campgrounds are located near Yosemite Village and Curry Village, providing easy access to amenities like showers, grocery stores, dump stations, and more. Situated in tourist-heavy areas, you can expect a more boisterous Yosemite RV camping experience here. 

Capacity: Upper Pines (32), Lower Pines (8), North Pines (13)

More Information: Pines Campgrounds 

Wawona Campground 

Located near the park’s southern tip, Wawona is conveniently positioned for travelers coming to the park from Highway 41 out of the Fresno area.

Capacity: 20 RV sites

More Information: Wawona Campground 


Bridalveil Creek Campground 

Situated outside of Yosemite Valley, Bridalveil Creek offers easy roadside access as well as proximity to Glacier Point, a renowned star-gazing spot. 

Capacity: 110 RV RV sites

More Information: Bridalveil Creek Campground 

Crane Flat Campground 

A bit quieter than the Pines Campgrounds, Crane Flat is located off Highway 120 on the park’s western edge. If you're taking an RV to Yosemite to bask in the peaceful surroundings, this camping spot near Yosemite is a good option.

Capacity: 166 RV sites

More Information: Crane Flat Campground 

Hodgdon Meadow Campground

Located near the Big Oak Flat entrance on the San Francisco side, Hodgdon Meadow is easy to get to, though it's just a bit off the beaten path. 

Capacity: 105 RV sites

More Information: Hodgdon Meadow Campground 

Yosemite Camping: No Reservations Needed

When planning your Yosemite RV camping trip, keep in mind that the park is exceptionally popular from April through October, and camping in underdeveloped areas is not permitted. Since RV spots fill up quickly, your best bet is to show up early in the morning at one of these first-come, first-serve RV campgrounds and wait for the previous visitors to vacate their spots. 

White Wolf Campground

Tucked away to 8,000 feet, White Wolf is around an hour north of Yosemite Valley. Although RVs are welcome, vehicle lengths cannot exceed 27 feet. If you plan to go on a Yosemite RV camping adventure with one of the larger Cruise America RVs, you will need to stay at another campground.

Capacity: 74 RV sites

More Information: White Wolf Campground 

Mariposa Fairgrounds

This RV campground near Yosemite Park accommodates small to large groups and is well-equipped with electric and water hookups as well as showers. You also have access to meeting halls for group activities, with or without kitchen equipment. Dump stations are located nearby and are very easy to access. Individual campers don't need to book in advance, but groups will need to reserve. 

Capacity: 350 

More Information: Mariposa Fairgrounds 

Tuolumne Meadows  Campground

Although part of this campground takes reservations, much of Tuolumne does not require pre-bookings. Located on the eastern side of the park, its spot prevents many Bay Area travelers from visiting. That said, finding a great spot to park your Yosemite camping rental vehicle will be easy. 

Capacity: 304 RV sites

More Information: Tuolumne Meadows Campground

Visit the National Park Service website to make reservations and find the latest information on Yosemite RV camping prices, amenity developments, and new park features.

Best Time to Visit Yosemite Park for RV Camping

An RV trip to Yosemite National Park promises a unique and unforgettable experience. Before you plan your trip, find out more about the best times to visit Yosemite Park. 


Expect it to be snowy and cold during the winter, though don't be surprised if it sometimes gets sunny and chilly. If you love hiking, most of the park will be covered in snow, but some trails in Yosemite Valley will be accessible. While there is not much to do in terms of nature-tripping, winter is a rather busy season in Yosemite National Park, particularly from late December to early January. Brace yourself for heavy traffic and limited campground options. Better yet, book your slot months in advance and drive to the site early.


Spring is the perfect season to explore waterfalls at Yosemite National Park, though some trails will still be snowy or icy. As the weather starts to get warmer, expect small to large creeks to begin rushing with water, with peak runoffs likely by May to June. Check your itinerary before heading out on your car or RV as some roads might still be closed at this time. 


Summer RV trips to Yosemite National Park can get warm to hot, with good amounts of rain, particularly in areas with higher elevation. Temperatures could range from 51 to 87 degrees Fahrenheit in Yosemite Valley and Wawona and 35 to 68 degrees in Tuolumne Meadows. If you love exploring waterfalls, you might find some sites dried up if you visit towards August. It's best to come in May or June to see the cascades in full swing.


The weather is rather unpredictable in the fall in Yosemite National Park, ranging from dry to rainy to snowy. If you're looking for picturesque fall colors, Yosemite might not be the best place to look for browns as most of the trees on site are evergreens. But you can still definitely enjoy some earthy hues around October.


Things to Do in Yosemite Park

Yosemite National Park spans 3,028.8 square kilometers, offering plenty of space to enjoy just about any type of outdoor adventure. Here are some of the fun things to do when you visit Yosemite Park in your rental RV
  • Traditional and RV camping: The park has plenty of locations to satisfy outdoor adventurers, whether you want to truly rough it in the wild or simply bask in nature's beauty in your amenity-packed RV.
  • Backpacking in the wilderness: The Yosemite wilderness comprises about 95% of the area, so feel free to explore.
  • Hiking: The park has more than 750 miles of trails for novice and experienced hikers alike. 
  • Ranger programs: Check out the different interpretive and ranger programs to learn more about the park as you go around. 
  • Guided tours: All guided tours start in Yosemite Valley and are available the entire year. 

Tips for Visiting Yosemite Park

Take note of these tips before visiting Yosemite National Park to ensure that your trip is stress free. 
  • Yosemite National Park is one of the most sought-after vacation destinations, so it will be packed from April to October. If you don't like large crowds, it's best to avoid going in these months.
  • Do not engage or feed the animals roaming around. Keep wildlife wild. 
  • Cellular signals will be limited, so tuck your phones away and enjoy the scenery.
  • Peak traffic hours are from 9 am to 5 pm, so arrive or leave the park outside of these times.  
  • If you want to explore the Half Dome, be sure to get a permit first. 

RV Rental for Yosemite National Park

Yosemite RV camping is one of the best ways to get on the road to excitement and adventure in the breathtaking California wilderness. Whether you're going with family and friends or embarking on an intimate journey, Yosemite National Park camping is something you should experience at least once in your lifetime. Your Yosemite RV rental from Cruise America can make this trip special and unforgettable.

Check out our wide selection of Cruise America RV rental options for Yosemite to get started.


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